Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween: 13 days and counting

"Mom, your Halloween decorations aren't scary enough!"
This is what I heard last week from my youngest child, Sam. 
He informed me that our Halloween decorations are lame and too cutesy.

As for my daughter Ellie, when it comes to Halloween, 
she is more into her costume idea 
than if our house has the potential to scare kids. 

Ellie has been working on her Halloween costume idea for months. 
Since I do not function well with a lot of lead time, 
I usually wait until the week of Halloween and I whip up her costume. 
In other words, I work better under pressure.

Check out some of these last minute creations...

Flo the Progressive Insurance girl
Sarah Palin
Spaghetti Taco

Jack & Ellie are my costume risk takers. 
Sam is more of a traditional 
costume-from-Party-City kind of kid. 

my favorite, Jack as a Facebook page
Now...back to my lame decorations...

I think Sammy Gray is onto something. 
Halloween has become too "Halloclean".(I know that is so cheesy, but I couldn't resist). I remember when I was a kid, Halloween was about going up to the Gore's house and someone jumping out of the bushes dressed like Freddy Krueger. 

Halloween has now become this:

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about having 
a "Martha Stewart Halloween", but our kids are only little 
for a short time and I want to make sure they have fond memories of being chased out of someone's yard with a fake chainsaw.

Think about it, what other time of the year can 
you make your front yard look like a grave yard, 
complete with a fog machine and strobe lights. 
I say, the scarier...the better! Now bring on the candy!!!!

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