Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Screened Porches

Fall just began a few weeks ago and I am one happy camper! I don't enjoy heat, humidity or bugs. Instead, I enjoy crisp weather with clear blue skies and not a "skeeter" in site. That explains why my favorite time of the year is from October 1st thru December 25th.

For the past few days, I have been obsessing over screened porches. 
The thought of reading out on a screened porch 
in chilly weather sends my heart racing!
Velvet & Linen
Our new house will have a screened porch, complete with a television above the fireplace. To many, the thought of having a tv on a porch is overkill, but they are not married to Dave Gray. My husband, Dave is EXTREMELY hot natured! To him, the thought of watching Squawk Box in 40 degrees is "heaven".

Our screened porch will be divided into 2 areas: 
lounging & dining. 
The "lounging" area will be centered around the fireplace. I want this space to fill like an extension of our family room. Dave's main requests: comfy outdoor furniture & a television.
Kay Douglass
Lee Kleinhelter
Kay Douglass (love the chairs & curtains)

The "dining area" will be located on the side closest to the kitchen. I have a feeling Dave will eat breakfast here a lot in the winter.

I cannot wait to host our first barbeque...which will probably be sometime in late February. I can just picture the scene on our screened porch...Dave at the head of the table in shorts and a t-shirt and me opposite him in my full length puffer coat, gloves, scarf and hat...and who says opposites don't attract!

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  1. Love this. Just found your blog and am enjoying your eye for beauty immensely.