Thursday, September 1, 2011


College football season starts this weekend 
and the men in my house are pumped up! 
 The boys have already set the timer to record ESPN's College Gameday and are checking all the latest stats & predictions. As for the Gray family, we are huge Auburn fans. In fact, out of our 27 immediate family members, only 3 of them pull for other teams.

This past January, we "journeyed" to Phoenix to watch the Tigers bring home the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, and trust me...that was no easy feat. A major winter storm, "Ice Jam 2011," was heading straight towards Birmingham and we were in a "pickle". The night before we were supposed to leave, we had to change our flight, rent a car, schedule babysitters for 5 am, drive to Atlanta, fly to Vegas and drive 5 hours to Phoenix.

We were delirious from our travel day
What an adventure we had and IT WAS SOOOOO WORTH IT!!!  
We went with our crazy friends, Rachel & Tyler and had an absolute blast!

Dave & I with Rachel & Tyler Stone. What a wonderful memory!!

During the game, I sat with Rachel, while Dave sat with Tyler. 
I sat alone for most of the game because Rachel got so nervous that she spent 
most of the game at the concession stand eating funnel cakes.
When she eats funnel cakes, Auburn starts winning, seriously.

My seats during the BCS National Championship game.
Lucky for me, our seats were directly above the Auburn band, which you know I was LOVING! You know me and marching bands...tears were flowing!!! 
About the same time as the national championship game, Dave's new office space was under construction. Even though he won't admit it, Dave is a master at designing work spaces that are fun and inviting. He really thinks about what gets his team members motivated and this AUsome space does just the trick.
Daxko's "House Divided" room—University of Alabama side
I think Dave must have had our state's back-to-back national championships on the brain when he threw this idea out to his designer, Alison Ray Harsh. Together, they created the "House Divided" room at the Daxko office. This multi-purpose room is used for team meetings and you'll often find Daxko engineers in a mad game of Halo. Everyone that visits Daxko loves this room and immediately want to sit on the bleachers.
Auburn University side of "House Divided" room at Daxko
I love the crushed velvet on the couches and the mini replicas of Auburn and Alabama's BCS trophies. And yes, that is real astro turf.

I bet you wouldn't think so, but there is a lot of orange and blue in our house, especially in our boys' rooms. I think they may slug it out on who will get to have that color combo in their new room.  Either way, I think they will still be able to show their team spirit. 
Kay Douglass
Kay Douglass

Tracery Interiors

Just in case Ellie decides to show some Tiger Pride...
Lee Kleinhelter



  1. Love Fall and football too...although I am on the other side! :)

  2. Headed to the loveliest Village tomorrow! The name of our tent is "We'll spot you 24", love it! Warrrrrrrr Eagle, HEY!

  3. I can never tire of blue and orange! War eagle.