Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boys are from Mars

This past Labor Day, the Gray family decided to stay home and just "chillax". Since we spent most of that time indoors weathering Tropical Storm Lee, there was a lot of time spent watching television. After an entire day of football and a marathon of "Hillbilly Handfishin", Ellie and I had had enough and retreated to the playroom for our own marathon of "Dance Moms".

Since I grew up with only a sister, there's a lot I don't understand about boys. After spending an entire weekend inside with 3 of them, I know one thing, they have a lot of energy and they just need a place to run.
Sam & Jack
Take for instance, our two boys.  
They are typical: rowdy, smelly and can go without baths for days on end (if you'd let them) and not think anything about it. They like to use such potty words as "pee" and "booger" when playing Scrabble. And this whole thing about using the bathroom whenever and wherever they feel like it, just grosses us girls out!
Jack Gray (far right)
But on the flip side, my boys are low maintenance and if you tell them to go outside and run, they'll take off like a pack of old coon dawgs and figure out a way to make it an adventure.
Jack's cabin—Summer 2011
Our oldest son, Jack goes to Alpine Camp each summer.
The reason he loves Alpine is that they play hard...all day...every day. To Jack, Alpine is his favorite place on earth!!!

There is this thing at Alpine called "Gladiator Ball".
It's a combination of Dodge Ball and Hand Ball.
This arena is like a magnet and once they get in that ring, they do not want to stop. Trust me. I know. We had to wait an extra hour before Jack would finally leave to go home from camp. It's addictive!

Even dads get into it. When our friend, Tyler, was at Alpine 
picking up his son, Jed, Tyler could not stop playing Gladiator Ball. He played for 3 hours and was the last to leave camp.
As you can see in the photo above, the arena is made 
of wooden walls secured to a cement floor. 

What does all of this have to 
do with our construction project, you say?  
Our lot is "diamond shaped". 
The way the house will be situated on the lot, 
our left side yard will be bigger than our back. 

Throughout the design process, we have referred 
to this section of yard as the "football field"
We want this area to be a space where are kids will run, jump & go bananas if they want. To steal a quote from my sister, 
Goody, we want this field's motto to be... 
"Don't come out, till you crawl out"!

Here's our kids WISH LIST: 
(let me re-emphasize "WISH list") 
Gladiator Ball arena
Since there are 12 boys on our block, I think this spot will see a lot of action...especially from our neighbor, Mr. Tyler who is personally wanting to build it to feed his addiction.

In-ground trampoline
Ellie's only request. 
I can see Ellie and her friends spending loads of time here. 
Let's just hope the boys don't try to move their basketball goal next to the trampoline for their slam dunk contest.
Sixx Design

All kids are energetic, especially ours, but at the end of a long day, I seriously need this "football field" to act like Julie McCoy from the Love Boat and keep the fun going for hours on end!

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