Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Multipurpose Room

Dave and I are not formal people 
and because of that, our new home will not have a formal living room or dining room. Instead, Dave will have his own private office/den and directly across the foyer, I will have my "multipurpose room" or as my architect, Joel Williams, called it my "kudzu room".

This room will wear many hats!  
I plan on using this space as a place where I can 
work, meet with clients, the kids can do their 
homework/crafts and as my very own personal lounge.

Here is my wish list...

1. Bookcases for my millions of 
magazines that I refuse to part with. 
(i.e. my beloved Domino & Cottage Living...I miss you so much...please come back!)
I know this is a dining room, but those bookcases are calling me!

2. A big table, preferably with casters.
When you think about it, we all need a place where we can 
spread out all of our stuff on a big table and just take it all in.
Lonny magazine
Lonny magazine
Martha Stewart

3. A big funky light fixture.
This room is meant for creativity and I want a light fixture to reflect that. 
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine

I know this may be a kitchen, but I love the ceiling treatment and the fun round table

4. Comfy seating area.

Love this!

5. Great art work.

My multipurpose room may be an unusual space in terms of home design. But, in today's world, our lives are all about multitasking, so why not have a room that does the same.

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