Monday, September 26, 2011

Built-in Bunk Beds

I have never been one who EVER wanted to sleep in bunk beds. 
During my freshman year at Auburn, 
I was "tripled" in a dorm room with a bunk bed and a single twin bed. 
I sacrificed precious closet space...anything I ensure that I would NEVER have to sleep in that rickety old bunk.

But times have changed...
I now appreciate the mesmerizing power that a bunk bed has on kids.

A couple of year ago, I came across this photo below. 
This family of 6 had built in bunk beds in their kids' playroom. 
It immediately struck a cord with me and I knew 
that we had to have this in our new home's design. 

Traditional Home

Since our new house will not have a "guest room", 
we decided to incorporate this idea of 
2 sets of built in bunks into our own playroom.
Interior Design: Brigid J. McIntyre

 • Bunks all along one wall to free up the Playroom floor

Urban Grace Interiors
• Good lighting, a comfortable mattress, 
plenty of headroom, and a shelf

Southern Accents

I have my own personal reasons for wanting these bunk beds:

1. If you or your kids are sick, you can all sleep on a bunk while you watch tv, rather than sleeping on a sofa. 
(When I was a kid, I always felt sorry for the Brady Bunch kids. 
When they got sick, they had to sleep in their 
rooms and stare at the wall...BORING!)

2. An inviting "Guest room" for... 
• our family and friends
• our children's future visiting college friends
 • our future grandkids
3. Spend-the-night Headquarters
 I think these bunks will be a hit with our kids and their friends.


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  8. The top bunk is more ideal for older children. Climbing up and down a ladder each night and morning may prove difficult for a toddler. In addition, toddlers are top-heavy and tip over quite easily.

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