Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book it!

It's become a running joke around our house that I have now become a reader. That's right, thanks to my friend and "book coach" Cindy White, I have read 2 Emily Giffen books in less than 2 weeks. It took me 6 months to read The Firm and that was even after seeing the movie first. Cindy now has me reading the Help. I know that I am the last person in the South to have read this book and I am determined to finish it before I see the movie, which came out this past Wednesday.

QUESTION: How does reading relate to this blog, you may ask? Our new home will have a "reading nook". This space was originally designed for our kids, but I'm afraid I may have to take it over and make it my new "go-to-spot" now that I am a big time reader. Ha! Ha!. Secretly, I have big plans to use it as my hideout when I need to steal away for 15 minutes with my ice-cold Diet Coke to read my latest issue of People, House Beautiful or the other 3 Emily Giffen books that I still need to read. I'm afraid that the kids will fight me for it! THOSE MEDDLING KIDS!

Please enjoy these cozy & inviting spaces where you can enjoy reading for the fun of it (and not because it's required for an AR test).

Happy weekend!

Dillon Kyle Architecture

Dillon Kyle Architecture

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  1. Not the last one...second to the last to read The Help. You can give me the book when you are done and I will see if I can stay awake long enough to read it at night! I, like you, would love to read more books. All I ever seem to have time to look through are my fitness and nutrition magazines!

  2. I vote the first picture. That. Is. Awesome!