Monday, August 29, 2011

Ole Yeller

Yellow, or as we say in my neck of the woods, "yeller". This color has always haunted me. Now I'm not saying that I dislike the color, but here's the deal. My sister always told me I was a "yella baby" and my sweet mother, Beebs, quickly defended me and said I didn't have "the jaundice" but instead it was a certain yellow dress that I always wore that my sister remembers.

This weekend, I found myself in a sea of yeller when I went to "Bid Day" to see my niece, Caroline, pledge her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta.

My precious niece, Caroline, and her boyfriend Hayden Gunter
That cake was too cute to slice!

Caroline looks fantastic in yellow, because she has olive undertones and unfortunately, I have fair skin that burns easily.  When it comes to fashion, the color "yeller" doesn't make my "whole FACE sparkle". I do not own anything above my waist line in this shade. That's right, I am a "Spring" and Caroline is a "Summer".

I know you all remember "Color Me Beautiful" where they bring out the fabric samples and hold them up close to your face. When they whipped out that mustard yellow and held it up to me, I could instantly tell that me and "yeller" weren't going to have a close relationship. Instead, I discovered that "my signature colors" are bright shades of blue, grass green, watermelon and salmon. And guess what, subconsciously I have always naturally gravitated towards my signature colors and steered clear of anything close to "mellow yellow".

A few posts ago, I introduced you to one of my design crushes, Kay Douglass of South of Market. In my book, this designer has her finger on the pulse! If she told me to paint my entire house yellow...I would do it in a minute!

Kay Douglass of South of Market

Kay Douglass's lake house at Lake Rabun, GA
Kay Douglass. (I love her window treatments so much that I have some in my own house)
Kay Douglass. (Her dining room is "out there" but I love it!)
Kay Douglass. (I love the punch of color)
Kay Douglass
South of Market (I think I could work with this)
Even though yellow makes me a tad nervous, I love the way Kay uses yellow as an accent on top of a background of white. Her use of yellow doesn't make me feel like I would look sickly if I walked into one of her rooms. It feels fresh and crisp with almost a "Spring" type effect to it.

While we are on the subject of yellow, there is one more design crush I would like to introduce you to, Lee Kleinhelter. She owns a hip shop in Buckhead called Pieces. It's modern, funky and fresh. Like, Kay Douglass, Lee thinks outside of the box and when she does, she hits it out of the park. Check out how Lee loves to use yellow.

Lee Kleinhelter
Lee Kleinhelter's bedroom
Lee Kleinhelter

The way these 2 designers take yellow and use it to add a little punch makes me think maybe I should give this color another chance. Even though I personally cannot wear this color, I do think it to adds a little "pizazz" to your home and gives it that something extra that will make your "whole HOUSE sparkle"!


  1. Being a "Winter" I am not supposed to wear yellow either, and don't unless it is the dead of summer and my tan is just right. I do like it in a house though, I prefer to call this color something butter, or pale gold, or daffodil, just sounds better!

  2. I love that yellow! And, would live in that beautiful home even if it weren't my color and I had to continuously visit the Sun Hut for a regular spray.

    And, I do remember the "Color Me Beautiful" experience well. My mother taught me not to even stand next to someone wearing fuschia. It kills me. And, as much as I have made fun of that "color wheel" over the years, I wish I could get someone to provide the service for my daughter who has completely different coloring than me. Thank goodness for Grace Anne Cooper and her "Beauty Control" selling sister who taught us that turquoise is the universal color. So, we can't go wrong with that one...