Monday, August 8, 2011

Gambrel roof lines

Our new house will be full of Gambrel roof lines. You see them all over Cape Cod, but there is only one, that's right 1, that I have seen in Birmingham. Since the very first day that I saw that "gambrel roof line house" in Crestline, I have always declared that it was my favorite and if I could ever build a house, it would look just like that one.

One day, several months ago, I showed our plans to our friend who jokingly said, "that looks like a barn"! I quickly assured him that it wasn't and said it was a gambrel roof line, DUH! (BTW, my friend's wife knows that I am blogging about her husband's unique choice of words.)

Since we will be the "wild child" in a neighborhood of Tudors and Spanish Colonials, I would like to post some Gambrel roof line "cuteness" to reassure my future neighbors, that indeed, the Gray's will NOT be building Hollywood's first residential barn.


  1. Yay. fun blog and good taste in rooflines

  2. Not all houses with a gambrel roof look like barns; it usually depends on the design of the house. By the way, these are very lovely homes. :) The second picture is definitely my favorite. I love its red front door and stone wall! Thanks for sharing these. You just gave me an idea for my dream home.
    {Becky Steele}

  3. Lovely inspirations, Susan! But what's best with gambrel roof is that it has many different lines. So, even if you use that one house in Birmingham as a model, you can still design yours in a way that it resembles the Gray's and not any other house. :)