Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boxwood Bonanza

Today, our 3 adorable kids started back to school. I think they were ready because they were so bored the last few weeks of summer that they were begging for the doors to swing wide open at Shades Cahaba Elementary School. I could tell that they were so excited to get some structure back in their day, as was I.

After we said our goodbyes, I went running and came to a realization. All the houses that I seem to love have boxwoods in their gardens. Because I am a big fan of things being symmetrical, I know that our new home will have to have boxwoods! They make me happy because they are clean, streamlined and add structure and order.

Boxwoods are an investment, like a good piece of furniture, but I guarantee once you add them to your landscape, they will be the foundation for a fabulous garden.


  1. So glad kids are back in school! They need the structure as much as I do! Also, didn't realize how good boxwoods look in a landscape design. Love all of these pics you posted today.

  2. Susan, I'm not sure if you are working with a Landscape Architect or Landscape designer yet, but I want to let you know that at the firm I work at we use a boxwood called Green Velvet Boxwood. We've had problems the past few years with American boxwoods getting disease and the Green Velvet boxwoods tend to do a little bit better in our area.