Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brewed Awakening

My husband, Dave, LOVES to drink coffee a latte!  
(Sorry for the puns, I couldn't resist)

Here is his morning routine, 6 days a week: 

He wakes up at 4 a.m. and goes into the office. 
He then runs or works out at Iron Tribe Fitness, and then heads to get coffee. 

At about 6:30 a.m., 
you'll see Dave reading a book and drinking his...

 "small dark" at Homewood's very own O'Henry's

 or "Grande Americano with no room" at the Mountain Brook Starbucks

or on vacation in Cape Cod, he'll have a "French roast" at his all time favorite coffee hangout, Chatham Cookware.

Dave loves to use his time at the coffee shop to catch up on work, read, chat with friends and just sit outside and watch the locals. One time he got so chatty at O'Henrys with Vern Yip from HGTV fame, that we were late picking our daughter up from Camp Skyline.

When I was putting together ideas for our new home, 
I came across a space that had Dave Gray written all over it.
It really is a breakfast nook, but I thought it had a "coffee house" appeal that Dave could make his own special hangout. For a brief time, we thought we were going to have to eliminate this space from our design, but our architects, Joel & Melissa Williams, fought to keep it in because it was such a perfect place for Dave to read and work on his computer.

I love the idea of 2 smaller tables in the "breakfast area"...
you can always push the 2 together if you need to create one big table.
Another option is going with one long table, 
which would allow us to reuse our existing table. 
Lee Kleinhelter

I can see it now...Dave sitting at his "coffee nook"...
headphones plugged in listening to David Gray...typing away on his iPad with a big cup of Joe...

That sounds like the perfect jump start to any day!

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  1. I do love good coffee! And I can't wait to see how "Dave's Cafe" turns out.