Friday, August 5, 2011

Design on the run

I love to run! I do not like to run on running paths, but rather through neighborhoods. There is nothing more gratifying than to go for a jog when you're on vacation or even in your own neighborhood. You'll see a side of things that you never would, especially when you are driving by slowly at 15 mph with a car right on your tail. 

The great thing about "Designing on the Run" is when you run down a "cute" street and you see something that catches your eye, you can process that info for the next 30 minutes and translate that into your next project.

Enjoy some of the houses that I have found inspiration from as I run, both in Birmingham and on vacation.

This house in Mountain Brook, AL is the inspiration for our new house's front elevation
This house is a few doors down from the previous house.
This house is fabulous! It was designed by Dungan Nequette Architects.
I run past this house 3 times a week
Chatham, Massachusetts
Atlanta, GA
This may be my favorite house in Atlanta!!!

Chatham, Massachusetts

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