Monday, August 22, 2011

Movie Maniac

I love to go to the movies. If I like a particular movie, I will watch it over and over again until I can quote every line in the movie. There are some movies that I have seen over 25 times, and each time, I find something different that I haven't seen before.

My niece, Caroline, is the exact same way. When she was younger, we watched Legally Blonde three times, back to back.  She and I have this unusual bond, and I consider her to be my "movie guru". To us, there is nothing better than a "Chick Flick" movie marathon on TBS on a rainy Sunday afternoon. BLISS!


1. The Parent Trap 
 When this movie first came out, I went to see it with my nutty friends, Meg and Anne. We were, by far, the oldest people in the theater.

I loved this movie so much that I was inspired to name our daughter after Natasha Richardson's character...Elizabeth James. To add even more to my geekiness, I even cut my hair like Natasha's was in the movie. Can you say, "NERD ALERT"!
Hallie's living room in Napa in the Parent Trap

Hallie's house in Napa in the Parent Trap
Annie's home in London
Annie's home in London. Love the orange foyer.

2. Somethings Gotta Give
Living room in Somethings Gotta Give
this kitchen has set the bar high
Diane Keaton's die for!

3. The Holiday
 (This movie set is my favorite of all time)
Cameron Diaz's living room. I WANT EVERYTHING IN THIS ROOM!!!
I am speechless!
This kitchen is DELICIOUS!
there are no words...
This house would fit in perfectly in Hollywood, AL

I love the chaises!

It's hard to believe this was built on a sound stage
4. Father of the Bride I & II
This movie started it all for me

5. It's Complicated
(this movie was set in fabulous Santa Barbara)
Meryl's front porch
I could eat this kitchen up!

This garden is too pretty to mess up
I love me some Foxgloves
Check out those boxwoods


 1. They were all directed by Nancy Meyers.

2. The movies all have some tie to California, all except for Somethings Gotta Give which was set in the Hamptons, almost Cape Cod.

3. Each movie set is a feast for the eyes and steals the show.

The common thread through each of Nancy Meyer's movies are that the movie sets are all exquisitely art directed. In each of her movies, Nancy used set designer, Beth Rubino. Beth is a trend setter and a genious when it comes to creating spaces that everyone wants to emulate...including me. (I hate to say that I'm not too interested in the storyline...I'm there to see some cuteness!)

There is one of Beth's rooms that leaves me speechless...the dining room in Somethings Gotta Give. That wall of Ironstone platters blew my mind! It set me on a feeding frenzy to collect as much Ironstone as I could get my hands on.

(I'll talk more about that obsession in another post).

The plate rack that rocked my world!


  1. Love all the pics from the movies. Great movie choices by the way!

  2. Could Not agree more! BTW, the best post I have ever read on It's Complicated - thought you might enjoy it too! M.

  3. Remember the summer house in The Big Chill? And the beach house in Revenge. And can't forget the wedding house in Steel Magnolas. I'm hoping you'll feature one of them one day too. Loved Something's Gotta Give.

    Joylene Nowell Butler, Author

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